Wales Sustainable and Just Food System Network survey and workshop

This Webinar took place 16th July 2020. The Wales Food Network Mapping tool was introduced as a means of showing the existing social and organisational networks in the Wales food system, based on the results of the Survey. You can see the types of maps it can produce at:

The network survey aims to support a better understanding of the people, organisations and partnerships across Wales, who are working towards a sustainable and just food system, as well as highlighting where there are well-linked activities and where gaps might exist (geographically, in policy terms and with respect to resources). The results of this survey will inform the development of a Wales Sustainable and Just Food System Network Map, which will be an open resource that anyone can interact with in order to support their activities.

This first workshop marks the start of a 12-month period of collaboration between food system stakeholders to create an action plan for building a just and sustainable food system in Wales. After participating in this first workshop, we hope that you will join us in this process. This will include a further three workshops, occurring every three months, with some ongoing activities between workshops to continue to progress the objectives. As a key stakeholder working towards food sustainability, health and/or food justice in the Welsh Food System, we would value your collaboration. The workshops will cultivate discussion and collaboration on topics such as: partnership building across the food system network; developing action plans according to collectively identified priority themes; applying for funding to support these action plans; and developing a policy framework for sustainable and just food systems, which among other things, can feed into the Welsh Assembly 2021.

Before attending the workshop, we would like you to complete the online survey and familiarise yourself with the mapping tool. We will send out the link on Tuesday 14 July. After the workshop, the survey link will be circulated publicly.

Workshop agenda:

12:30-1:00 Introduction to the mapping activity

1:00-1:30 Break out groups to discuss:

(1) What worked well?

(2) What needs to be changed and how?

(3) How can you use the tool?

1:30-2:15 Feedback from breakout groups

2:15-3:00 Discussion of proposed topics for future workshops, with opportunity to input to that development.

The following is a proposed timeline of workshops and activities:

July 2020: Food System Network Mapping

October 2020: Analysis of gaps in the Food System Network Map and priority themes for creating transformation to sustainable and just Welsh Food System

February 2021: Update on progress of action plans

May 2021: Road Map for the creation of a Sustainable and Just Food System to influence the next Welsh Assembly food policy direction.