Wales Sustainable and Just Food System Network survey and workshop

This Webinar took place 16th July 2020. The Wales Food Network Mapping tool was introduced as a means of showing the existing social and organisational networks in the Wales food system, based on the results of the Survey. You can see the types of maps it can produce at:

The network survey aims to support a better understanding of the people, organisations and partnerships across Wales, who are working towards a sustainable and just food system, as well as highlighting where there are well-linked activities and where gaps might exist (geographically, in policy terms and with respect to resources). The results of this survey will inform the development of a Wales Sustainable and Just Food System Network Map, which will be an open resource that anyone can interact with in order to support their activities.

Letter to Lesley Griffiths MS, Minister for Environment, Energy & Rural Affairs

17 June 2020

Dear Minister,

Food Access for Vulnerable People

Today, the Health Services Journal (HSJ) states that in England, “government is set to cease its ‘shielding’ programme for those at highest risk from coronavirus at the end of July 2020” and that the ‘shielding list’ will be maintained in case a resurgence of the Covid19.

Many vulnerable people who are on the ‘shielding list due to age or infirmity were already faced with food access issues prior to the pandemic. Is it the intention of Welsh government to retain the ‘food box’ scheme in some form to enable food packages, medicine and sanitiser deliveries to be offered to people who are unable to access the Internet, or otherwise?

2nd Letter to Lesley Griffiths MS, Minister for Environment, Energy & Rural Affairs

23 June 2020

Dear Minister,

Food Access for Vulnerable People

Further to our letter of 17 June 2020 Minsters may we update you on this relevant critique were HMG is attacked for ignoring expert advice on nutrition in food parcels.

Whilst we understand “Welsh Government are currently reviewing the food box scheme and considering a number of issues including value for money, box contents and dietary requirements” we suggest Covid19 also raises a number of wider issues that require active consideration, including increased horticulture production.  Are you able to ask HMG to publish:

Responses from Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government and Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs

Dear David,

10 July 2020

Thank you for your letters of 23 June and 1 July to Lesley Griffiths MS, Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs regarding food access for vulnerable people during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Within days of the lockdown, Welsh Government worked with Local Authorities to develop the capacity to provide thousands of free food deliveries directly to the homes of people most at risk from Covid-19 who have been advised by the Chief Medical Officer to stay at home. This was an immense effort and we are grateful to all Local Authorities for their part in ensuring those most in need receive weekly deliveries of food and basic essentials. Food Innovation Wales was consulted on the nutritional value of the contents of the boxes which are intended to meet basic needs. Over 120,000 boxes have been delivered to shielding people to date.

Welsh National Food Service (WNFS) C&MW final draft

C&MW final draft

Welsh National Food Service (WNFS) 

With future uncertainties this paper makes the case for a Welsh National Food Service supported by mutual aid and co-operative responses as we address future challenges.

  1. In Wales, we are faced with a double whammy. Brexit and a USA Trade Deal mean the UK Government is set to deregulate our high environmental protection, animal welfare, food safety standards whilst reducing access and increase food costs from our main European suppliers.
  2. The Covid-19 crisis has led to an economic shock that is unprecedented in its size and speed. Combined with a no deal Brexit large numbers of unemployed and a future full of uncertainty we are likely to be faced with a second wave, potential local lockdowns and reduced income.

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